COVID-19 Turning the mobility table #cultureshift

Sharp insights from Sonia Boue. I couldn’t have said this better.

The other side

woman with short grey hair wearing tomatoes collaged onto her glasses and a black eye mask over her moth and nose © Sonia Boué 2020

A blog about access culture shift under COVID-19

So we’re in COVID-19 lockdown.

Many neurodivergent and disabled people are watching you, the abled neuro-majority, with fascination.

We are witnessing a moment that is spectacular and beyond our wildest imaginings. The tragic irony is that it’s taken a lethal pandemic to create the culture shift we need. Accessible work norms are being adopted on a global scale, when many of us have struggled to gain basic access accommodations so much closer to home. That this is so brings a sense of awe, the scale of which (like the pandemic itself) is almost impossible to grasp. For once, we really are all in this together (apart, of course!) Many will want to say, welcome to lockdown! Welcome to our world.

This is the moment to make the usual provisos that not all neurodivergents or disabled people are the…

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