Poetry featured in SCHEHERAZADE’S SEA 2010


Portrait of My Skanky Muse

(Dawn-joy Leong, 17 November 2007)

Hungry eyes

Wet lips

Swollen thighs

Painted tips

Tired sighs


Tall tales


Poison Ivy, hemlock juice

Portrait of my Skanky Muse

Putrid honey

Filthy sluice

Spread legs

Rancid puce

Hot licks

Sweet venom

Milk shakes

Feigned innocence

Poison Ivy, hemlock juice

Portrait of my Skanky Muse


Bleeding into the Cesspools of Beauty

(Dawn-joy Leong, 15 October 2007)

Bestial creature

Gaze transfixed

Craving pleasures

Hunger drowning

Ravenous anger

Slowly, softly

Languidly bleeding

Into the cesspools of beauty


Haunted Houses

(Dawn-joy Leong, 18 October 2008)

 Living inside

Haunted houses

Specters deride

Empty trousers

Witches don’t die

They just get stronger

Riding their brooms

Harder, rougher, better

Last night, I cried

I would die for you

But I know

You’d kill me

Before I could


Call and Response

(Dawn-joy Leong, 25 October 2007)



Warm, pulsating softness of my heart

Reaching, collapsing

Embracing, seeping

Melting, dying

“Of course I love you, darling pie”

Mock me, taunt me with your lies!

Angry, hot icicles

Numb, welded limbs

Helpless spirals

Suspended dreams

Mute echoes

Silent screams!

“I can give you so much more than pain”

Strip my soul, leave me bleeding in the rain!

Copious, velvet trickle

Ardent crimson flood

Tearstained canticle

Wailing specters

Anguished whispers

Hemorrhaged darkness

“You’re my angel from above”

Heartless climax for my unquestioning love!


Invisible Child

(Dawn-joy Leong, 24 June 2009)

 Tears misplaced

Fear disgraced

Yearning without solace

Burning, empty furnace

Screams suspended

Dreams devastated

Tender love

Mocked, defiled

Mute hope

Invisible child


Wake Up in My Dreams

(Dawn-joy Leong, 8 August 2008)

Dancing with my shadows

Whispering, “Good Night”

Humming silent wishes

Smiling deep inside

Dancing with my shadows

Jarful of moonbeams

Come, lay down beside me

Wake up in my dreams

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