Clement Space @Tokyo 2022

Clement Space @Tokyo – Creative Well-being Tokyo 2022. (Photo by Peter Sau.)

Clement Space @Tokyo is ready!

Thank you, Peter Sau for undertaking the exhausting task of setting this up for me! Thanks also to ARTDIS for the collaboration.

(Photo and video courtesy of Peter Sau, in situ.)


A 5 by 5 metre cubicle with 3 walls contain 6 brightly colourful panels of reworked fabric, texturised using various simple technique with string, ribbons, cotton filling, old watches and pompoms. One anchor panel of sharp deep blue lace features a bright orange dress with playful stuffed ‘balls’ tied with coloured ribbons all over the front; the other anchor panel of deep maroon lace and purple translucent gauze fabric features my mother’s bright orange lace Kebaya (a traditional Nonya blouse) with a pink doll on its front. In the middle of the cubicle sits a white netted domed tent adorned with pompoms, inside which lays a large white fluffy rug, white quilt texturised with organza and wool pompoms, a tactile pillow, a large off-white pullover reworked into a pillow, and two fluffy green and purple square cushions. My signature goldfish-Koi video from Scheherazade’s Sea is projected onto the third wall, and a soundscape of Lucy’s heartbeat plays softly in the background. A tiny teepee-like tent houses the speaker. Visitors are welcome to touch the installations and enter the tent.


Clement Space will be in Tokyo, at Creative Well-being Tokyo 2022! A brand new iteration, this installation will feature the original Clement Space white themed tent with coloured embellishments, and two walls of manipulated fabric in sharp contrasting bright colours. Clement Space @Tokyo 2022 is a special work with embedded symbols representing three women in my life: my sister, Althea, mum and Lucy Like-a-Charm.

Grateful thanks to ART:DIS for production support, and especially to my creative assistants Kenix Tan and Niran Jierapipatanakul who helped to make three beautiful panels.

And here are some photographs documenting work in progress:

The installation space is a ‘booth’-like room with three walls. The white tent will be positioned in the centre on the ground, surrounded by two walls with colourful hanging tactile fabric panels. On the third wall, a video of my signature goldfish amidst large colourful Koi swimming around the goldfish will be projected. There will be a soundscape of Lucy’s heartbeat softly in the background.

Materials and boxes just packed off and will be delivered by DHL. See you in Tokyo!