Snoösphere  by Lull Studios (Elena Knox & Lindsay Webb)

Autism advisor & associate artist: Dawn-joy Leong

Opened 20 September 2017, UNSW Galleries – The BIG Anxiety Festival 2017

Snoos ABC

Watch the interview on ABC Lateline (with transcript).

Snoösphere is an expansive, responsive art installation where audiences can roam, touch and explore. It’s designed and created with autistic artists, who have a unique, enhanced sense of how spaces perform sensorially and energetically. Its immersive sound, vision, aroma, and touch- and heat-controlled elements affect the entire sensorium, pushing boundaries of engagement and arts access while gaining insight into neuro-diversity.” – Lull Studios, Australia

Videos by from Lull Studios:

Photos from Dawn-joy Leong (these are not the official photos, please refer to Lull Studios website for official photos):