Something About Home

Promenade Theatre Performance: Something About Home,
conceptualised & directed by Peter Sau, in collaboration with 6 pan-disabled artists,
commissioned by the National Gallery Singapore.

Something About Home“, a commission by the National Gallery Singapore as part of the Light to Night Festival 2020, features members of the Disabled Artists’ Collective in a groundbreaking professional performance by a cast of artists with different disabilities. Directed and conceptualised by theatre maestro, Peter Sau, “Something About Home” vehemently rejects the common exploitation of the disability narrative, pushes past the current trend of trite and contrived tokenism, and – in a determined collective effort – sets the bar higher for professionalism in the local Arts & Disability arena.

Guided by the captains of your ship embark on a journey through 4 different islands-cities – CALIBRATION, EVOCATION, AFFIRMATION and CONTEMPLATION – before arriving at your final destination. The Ports of Call are crafted by Peter Sau in collaboration with 6 pan-disabled artists from the Disabled Artists’ Collective to take the audience on a sensorial journey through the themes. Hear their myths. Unravel their mysteries. Learn about their uniqueness. Be intrigued by their similarities. Acknowledge their invisibility. And be moved by the sonnets which are their stories. As each of the make themselves heard, seen and felt, realise they could be saying something about you and your home – our home.

1st Port of Call: Dawn Joy-leong (autistic) illustrates the intricacies of the art of painting. In between, she sings to give voice to the paintings and to herself.

2nd Port of Call: Claire Teo (visually impaired). A music box plays. A seer tells us about colours, faces, places and events. A scout tells us about sounds, smells, temperatures and sensations. They transform to become male and female, young and old, across time and space

3rd Port of Call: June Chua (transgender woman) urges for her lost one to return, to no avail. Like a monument, she speaks to the past, afar. Inheriting a legacy, she roots herself more firmly to carry on the dream.

4th Port of Call: Dawn Joy-leong (autistic) Cavan Chang and Timothy Lee (both with Down Syndrome) (During finale, joined by: June Chua, Claire Teo) Within a display of singing bowls, a dancer moves and strikes between them, reverberating like the waves. A dancer moves with his own visual paintings, embodying Avalokiteshvara, Virgin Mother, Vishnu, Krishna, Akbar, Christ, Sang Nila Utama and Arjuna.

The female monk stands still, looking serenely into the eyes of the onlookers. The believers, carrying mirrors, join in, creating a harmony of elated resonance.

(Text taken from the National Gallery webpage for the event.)

The performance creatively combines Spoken English, Singapore Sign Language, Creative Captioning, and Audio Description. 

For any access inquiries, please contact us through email: or text / call us: +65 97450795 at least 3 days before your visit.

Something About Home is a Light to Night Festival 2020 programme. For more information on the festival, visit

(Text taken from the Eventbrite listing page for the event)

Venue: The National Gallery Singapore
Dates & Times:
11 January 2020, Saturday: 1-2pm and 4-5pm (2 shows)
18 January 2020, Saturday: 1-2pm and 4-5pm (2 shows)

Please join us in this adventure! Free admission but registration is needed at this Eventbrite link.

More information here in the National Gallery’s website listing for performances.

We are not ‘there’ yet – though ‘there’ is in constant development and evolution anyway – and we are still learning and growing together, but we share a common vision for better standards, greater autonomy, equity, respect and reciprocity. It is not an easy mission for everyone in the team, coming together from eclectic starting points: disabled artists with different disabilities, access needs, communication styles, thresholds and professional experience, having to adjust to one another in ways we’ve never known before, while the non-disabled support team learn alongside us as we craft a version of “access and inclusion” that is completely new, in unchartered territory. It has thus far been a robustly rich and empowering journey for all of us, and we are grateful to the National Gallery for giving us this opportunity, and to our director Peter Sau for his cogent and empathic leadership that pushes us to expand our boundaries and always places us in the forefront of empowerment.


The Disabled Artists’ Collective is a collective of freelance artists who identify as disabled under the Social Model of Disability. Founded and led by Dawn-joy Leong, with professional advisor Peter Sau, and supported in spirit and kind by the Disabled People’s Association and the National Arts Council, we aim to eventually become self-sufficient and sustainable through mentoring and raising future leaders in the field. Dawn-joy is keen for this to happen soon, so she may pursue her other dream of knitting sweaters for shelter dogs in colder climates, especially for her beloved Greyhounds, who have endured and survived a terrible life as racing dogs in the cruel Greyhound racing industry.

Photo gallery of cast, crew and supporters.