HE(A)R(E) NOT 2009

He(A)r(e)not – for violin, voice, video and soundscape (2009)

“A simple exploration into the ephemeral, spontaneous and often fragile nature of human communication.”

University Artists Scheme: New Violin Dimensions – A Multimedia Concert with Yao Jue,

15 April 2009, the University of Hong Kong, Loke Yew Hall.

2 thoughts on “HE(A)R(E) NOT 2009

  1. OMW, I have just realized that rather than existing in a bubble, I feel more like a goldfish in a bowl; only I can’t breathe under water and the bowl is almost full to the brim! Never mind, there is a weak spot in that bowl, and soon I will bump a crack into it and then who knows what explosion might happen 😁


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