“ROARING WHISPERS” – a multisensory installation and conceptual space

Title: “Roaring Whispers” – a multisensory installation and conceptual space by Dawn-joy Leong
Date and Times: 7-10 May 2013, Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-2pm
Venue:  COFA Space, College of Fine Arts, The University of New South Wales
EG01 & EG03, Corner Oxford Street & Greens Road, Paddington NSW 2021
Summary / brief write up:
Welcome to my compressed micro-cosmos filled with polyrhythmic-pandiatonic-chromatic juxtapositions and interlocutions of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Suspended time reverberates inside this space-within-space, a private pied-à-terre where the abstract finds personification in the concrete, and you are free to touch, taste and smell everything that can be seen and heard (but not the artist, please!).

“Roaring Whispers” is an intimate, autobiographical articulation of the world of Autism Spectrum Condition, part of a series of experimentations by Dawn-joy Leong, Ph.D candidate at COFA. Dawn’s research is in the area of autism and creativity, with a special focus on transdisciplinary strategies – drawing together science as syllogism and art as dynamic agency – for forging mutually empathic interaction between diverse mental spaces and cultures.

(Featuring selected images and poetry by Kateryna Fury, an autistic paraplegic artist and disability rights advocate living in New Mexico, USA.)

Photo gallery

2 thoughts on “ROARING WHISPERS 2013

  1. I love the snippets in these photos; groups of personal shapes and textures, and colours especially!
    Could one experience these in those groups or did all the parts form more of a whole? My brain likes to group you see; it’s not much good at fluid.
    Goodness knows how you could visualise all this, but perhaps you create more spontaneously?


  2. Thanks for dropping by! Good question. The unintentional intent here is that each piece is a microcosmos of its own, yet they are all synergetic components of a grand universe in simultaneous reverberation. Oxymoronic resonance.

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