– a mixed media, multisensory installation and performance

by Dawn-joy Leong

(All components of this work belong solely to Dawn-joy Leong)

Premiered 9 April 2010, Hung Hing Ying Building, Rotunda,

The University of Hong Kong.

“Inside the confines of a small physical space, for a brief half hour or so, unfolds an intimate micro cosmos, where the surreal merges with hyper-reality, and senses are engaged in a seamless interplay of expressions and experiences. Scheherazade’s Sea explores the fragmented sensory realm of my own autistic consciousness, in which music and sound carry visual meanings, verbal communication accompanies olfactory associations, symbolisms abound and heightened awareness of sensorial details can sometimes be disjointed, confusing and overwhelming, other times comforting and humorous, but always dynamic and alive.”

 (Programme Synopsis, 9 April 2010 performance)

For full thesis, scores, notes and images, please visit this link to download pdf.



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