Clement Space – a new iteration.

I am excited to announce my commission by the National Gallery Singapore, to install a new iteration of Clement Space. Opening on 11 January 2020 as part of the larger Light to Night Festival, my installation will run on until 1 March 2020.

“Clement Space” was inspired by Lucy Like-a-Charm, and based on my research in autistic sensory idiosyncrasy and the environment, material / elemental empathy. It highlights the need for spaces of respite, and that these ought to be created in a way that directly speak to intrinsic autistic sensory modalities.

Welcoming the global trend towards ‘inclusive space’, more and more public spaces are offering the “Quiet Room”, a nod to a fundamental, human need, not merely the autistic but all who want a break from the noisome world. However, at the moment, most of these offerings are either designed by non-autistic professional observers along clinical, prescribed frames, or haphazardly put together by well-meaning non-autistics. My immersive installations provide a counterpoint to the two, they are based on years of personal and professional research, as well as the lived experience of many autistic individuals, including my own.

Here are some visual images of work-in-progress, small glimpses of the details that were put together to make up a whole.

Here is the ‘live’ interview about the Light to Night Festival and Clement Space on Channel News Asia Singapore Tonight:

CNA Singapore Tonight 8 Jan 2020

The Artist’s Interview by National Gallery Singapore:

Clement Space at the National Gallery Singapore 11 January 2020 to 1 March 2020

I wish to thank my team for their most valued support and toil:
Creative Assistant: Hery Huang; Logistics: Tan Beng Tian & Peter Hu.


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