Disability-Led Residency: Clement Space at library@orchard

Singapore’s very first fully Neurodivergent-Led, Disability-Led Art & Design Residency took place over 10 weeks, from late February to the end of April, in the beautiful Imagine Studio at National Library Board’s library@orchard.

One autistic researcher and artists (me), two emerging artists with Down Syndrome, joined by two other artists with disability, responding to our created space with their poetry and a joint performance. It was a beautiful journey of learning from one another, building bonds in ways different from the normative, communicating with and without words, through our senses and our bodies, a lot of laughter and stillness, frenetic activity and quietude, humorous juxtapositions, and togetherness unfettered by the domineering dictates of NeuroNormativity.


Dawn-joy Leong, Cavan Chang & Timothy Lee.


Stephanie Fam & Jacky Wong.

And theatre producer Peter Sau, and access supporter Shirley Tan.

Read the library@orchard’s interview with us at the end of our residency, with many fun photographs that they took.

And here are our own photographs, documents clemency, through the ten week process.