Clement Space in the City (2017)

Upcoming project:

Clement Space in the City (2017), the BIG Anxiety Festival, Sydney.Clement Space in the City (2017) addresses anxiety from the viewpoint of autism. Developed from native autistic sensory-communicative modalities, the autistic artist reflects upon an insistent quest for refuge and equilibrium in the midst of harsh, jarring landscapes. 


Evolving from Sonata in Z (2105), Clement Space in the City (2017) will feature multi-textured accessible sensory objects. Tulle curtains, wall dressings, rugs, tapestries, blankets, pillows, hideaway cocoons and netted enclosures softly and wordlessly beckon, transforming into personalised, intimate spaces of respite as soon as one steps inside.

This exhibition will  be installed in the Customs House, Sydney, as part of the BIG Anxiety Project’s “Anxiety Festival 2017”, running from September to November in venues across Sydney, Australia. Clement Space in the City (2017) is supported by a City of Sydney cultural and creative grant and the National Institute of Experimental Arts.