unspoken – my response to Uniquely Me episode 3

My response to the 3rd episode of “Uniquely Me.”



I watched tonight’s “Uniquely Me” episode 3 – a docu-series featuring glimpses into different autistic lives in Singapore.

This episode is, for me, the most deeply confronting and profoundly gripping thus far. Maud and Edwin are twins, they are non-speaking autistics, celebrating their 35th birthday, together with their younger brother, who has learning disabilities. It could have been yet another emotionally cloying show about abject tragedy, or a piece of inspirational-porn about how heroic they mother is, for having three disabled children who need high levels of care. Yet, somehow, this mother transcends the swirling mire of theatrical wretchedness, walking with quiet, unassuming dignity beyond the temptation of sensationalism, and assumes a position of quiet dignity. Of course, there are tears here and there, but this woman has my admiration for not succumbing to the dramatic, which so many in her position often do, given half the chance to express…

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