Clement Space @ART:DIS

Clement Space is now at ART:DIS Singapore, Bukit Merah campus. This iteration, based on the one that was exhibited in Tokyo recently, is a ‘growing’ installation in collaboration with the ART:DIS community as well as beyond.

Last week, I ran a couple of workshops for autistic and neurodivergent people of all ages about the simple principles of Clement Space, and we made a few objects exploring innate autistic expressions like stimming, attention to detail, rhythmic repetition etc applied to self calming and sensory respite. At the end of each session, participants contributed one or more pieces of their work to the larger Clement Space installation, currently situated at the main entrance. It will be moved into the multi-purpose hall for Open Day on the 15th of October for a one day showing, after which it will be stored in readiness to tour various venues, engaging more of the community in this growing installation of self activated strategies for wellbeing inspired by the autistic paradigm.

If you are in Singapore, do drop by on 15th October to catch Clement Space as well as many other activities, showcasing what ART:DIS has to offer.