Clement Space @Suwon

Clement Space @Suwon

©Dawn-joy Leong, 2020

Clement Space @Suwon

Two of my works are now peacefully and gently ensconced inside the bowels of the Suwon Museum of Art in South Korea. The exhibition “Turn Your Lights On” is about the use of light as expressions of innermost communications. I was approached by the people at the Suwon Musuem of Art right smack in the midst of COVID19 lockdown, in May this year (2020). It was a bleak time for all, the world was trapped in the miry swirl of a vicious pandemic, and their cheerful email was like a light in a very dark, dank tunnel. They asked if they could install Clement Space and An Olfactory Map of Sydney, and I agreed. And here is the result. A beautifully curated and carefully installed exhibition, each artist’s work is treated with so much diligent care and respect, I am impressed. I can see their passion reflected in the way the team has organised and even lovingly put together this exhibition. The team also updated me with photographs and anecdotes as they went along. I am not at liberty to publish the private captures sent to me, but here are some official photos.

Turn Your Lights On

Exhibition sketch

A walk through the exhibition space. My works are at 00:40 – 01:00.

Turn Your Lights On

360˚ Video

A 360º video walk through. My works are at 01:25 – 01:47.

Photos of Works Onsite

Installation view of Turn Your Lights On, Suwon Museum of Art.
Photography by JD Woo.

Work in Progress

with Lucy Like-a-Charm & Mini-B.

The Crates!

The shipping process was painless and stress-free, just the way it ought to be! Well-organised logistics – so important for the autistic artist’s mental wellbeing.