I am passionate about research and learning, and am continuing my research in Autism, Neurodiversity and Multi-Art Praxis as an independent researcher.

I belong to an international collective of Autism Researchers, who meet regularly both in person and online.

I am interested in collaborative research, and am available for consultation in Autism, Neurodiversity, Arts Practice, from both lived-experience perspectives and scholarly investigation.

In addition, for advocacy purposes, I am happy to discuss media features and interviews.

Please refer to list below for details.



Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of the Rainbow. Review. Artlink Magazine, Australia. 19 September 2017.

Reflections on the neurodiverse city. Feature. Artlink Magazine, Australia. 01 September 2017.

Scheherazade’s Sea – autistic parallel embodiment and elemental empathy.Conference paper presented at the UNSW Art & Design Postgraduate Research Conference, 17-18 June 2015.

Reciprocating Self and Other – lessons from autism. Conference paper presented at the Inter-Disciplinary.Net, “Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners,” 5-7 September 2013, Mansfield College, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. | First Published in Experiencing Otherness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Ed. Bashir, Hassan & Roye, Susmita. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, U.K. 2015

Art in a Hidden World – creative process and invisible anomaly. The Arts in Society Conference 2012, Arts and Design Academy, Liverpool, UK; The International Journal of Arts in Society: Annual Review, Volume 7, and The International Journal of Art History and Theory (in publication), Common Ground Publishing. 2012 International Award for Excellence.

Thinking Through the Body – a multimodal perspective from autism. The InternationalConference on Research Creativity: Praxis 2012, Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Scheherazade’s Sea – mixed media, multisensory installation and performance through the eyes of Asperger’s Syndrome. Postgraduate Musicological Symposium 2010, jointly organised by University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Baptist University of Hong Kong, presented at the University of Hong Kong.

Tune In – Primary Music (Books 4,5,6). Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd. in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, 2003-2004.



2016: Scheherazade’s Sea – autism, parallel embodiment and elemental empathy. Ph.D dissertation, University of New South Wales, Art & Design.

2011: Scheherazade’s Sea – a mixed media, multisensory installation and performance. M.Phil thesis, The University of Hong Kong. A multimodal approach to creativity.




“Space of Mind: an interview with Dawn-joy Leong.” RUNWAY Australian Experimental Art, by Chloe Watson. Issue #35.

“Making a space for different minds.” The Conversation, feature article by Katie Sutherland. 23 October 2017.

“Snoosphere: the art installation tackling mental illness.” ABC Australia, Lateline. 20 September 2017.

“On the Red Dot” Episode 16 – Autism. Television feature programme, Channel 5, Mediacorp, Singapore. 21 July 2017.

“I’m not bad, I’m not ill, I’m autistic.” CNA Insider article by Desmond Ng. Channel News Asia, Mediacorp, Singapore. 23 July 2017.

“Adults Find Out They’re Autistic.” Full page feature in Sunday Times, Singapore. 30 April 2017.

Being autistic in a non-autistic world.” Video by documentary film maker Martin Guinnesss. 30 March 2016

Doogle, Buddy, Lucy and Friends.” Video by documentary film maker Martin Guinness.                       6 April 2016

A Different Way of Thinking.” Interview. SBS feature about neurodiversity.  24 Dec 2015.